Custom Wellness Coaching with Jennifer Dean

Custom Wellness Coaching with Jennifer Dean

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Success Stories

Steffanie’s Story

“Before starting my health plan with Jenn, I was on an uphill weight gain battle due to the fact that I have Hashimoto’s and Grave’s Disease (thyroid autoimmune diseases). I also was told over and over again, “You’re just getting older.” Almost immediately after starting Herbalife, I no longer was hungry for snacks in the late afternoon and was feeling full – but not bloated. Three months later, I am down almost 14 pounds with even more lost in inches and a gain in muscle mass! I am shocked to finally put on my size 4 pants again (with ease!) and cannot wait to continue to see results. I believe that being confident on the outside is directly related to how you feel on the inside. Herbalife’s nutrition program has made a huge difference in my life, and I hope you take a chance and commit to being a healthier you.”

~ Steffanie Entralgo, Old Bridge NJ

Lavinia’s Story

“I wanted to thank Jennifer Dean for introducing me to this wonderful program and for giving me hope to start reaching for my fitness goals. Before her program and using Herbalife, I had a bad habit of eating unhealthy food almost everyday & I was gaining a lot of weight. After I joined her program and started using the nutrition products everything came back to life for me. I have so much energy. I can stay on my feet all day and accomplish what I need to get done. I’m starting to lose weight and haven’t gained a pound ever since. I got into the habit of working out everyday. I don’t procrastinate about it anymore or wait for someone to drag me up on my feet to workout. I do it straight from the heart! My bad eating habits have changed and I’m loving how my life is full of energy. I use Herbalife shake mix to help me eat healthy. I am starting to see and feel the changes & I love it! I hope my story helps inspire others to keep achieve their goals and keep their heads up!”

~ Lavinia Are

Becca’s Story

“Before joining Jenn’s program and incorporating Herbalife nutrition I felt tired defeated and depressed. Now I am looking towards the future with renewed vigor for life! Having energy and feeling lovely. I can smile now and really feel joy.

~ Becca Blagg, down 40lbs

Crystal’s Story

What Goes Down in the Challenge?

* One on one meeting with your coach to set goals and personalize nutrition plan

* Private Facebook Group For Motivation, Inspiration

* Weekly Nutrition and Fitness Education

* Easy to use grocery lists

* Before and After Photos

* Weekly coaching call for motivation & support

* 4 Group Video Workouts, Recorded and can be used throughout challenge

* Ready For Your Transformation? Join Our Next 4 Week Challenge!

Within the 4 Week Body Transformation Challenge you will learn and master the same easy to follow plan that I used to free myself from the headache and hardship of trying to lose weight. What makes this program different from many out there is that you will be receiving private coaching from me personally along with encouragement from our small group setting. I am 100% dedicated to your results. There is a catch though, YOU must also be 100% commited in the 4 weeks. If you jump I jump Jack, you got me? Good! Then I am so excited you’re ready to start! Go ahead and fill out the form below with your email and a short message of why you’re ready to get started in the next challenge!

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